Ruby Roundtable: DSLs



Remember when you were a kid and made up your own words for things? Or had a special short hand language with your friends?

You can also do that with Ruby and write your own "Domain Specific Language"! In this Ruby Roundtable meetup, we talked about the uses of DSLs and explored one written in Ruby.

At most Ruby Roundtable meetups we go around the room and introduce ourselves. We decided to leave that part in the recording as we all talked about what we had worked on that week. If you just want the presentation, you can jump about 25 minutes into the recording.

Speaking of other languages, the middle of the recording ended up being like a badly dubbed Japanese movie. Ahh, technology! The sound does re-sync by the end. :)

Melissa Wahnish

Melissa is the Founder of RubyThursday and co-organizer of the Ruby Roundtable meetup. Signup for her weekly updates here.

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