Ruby Roundtable: Peer to Peer with Ruby



David Kurutz presented his experience with building a P2P system.

From David:

"Intrigued by modern and past peer to peer systems, I set out to build my own from scratch.

In this talk, I’ll discuss my experience working in the P2P problem space, touching upon the following topics:

• Implementation of a distributed hash table.
• Reading whitepapers and translating them to code.
• What is Kademlia and how does it work?
• Simulating and scaling multi-node network communications from a local to production environment."

More about David:

David Kurutz is a software developer, a systems administrator, a musician, a dogfather, and pro-wrestling fan.

Melissa Wahnish

Melissa is the Founder of RubyThursday and co-organizer of the Ruby Roundtable meetup. Signup for her weekly updates here.

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