Ruby Roundtable: React.rb -- An Interactive Development Session



The first time I ever tasted beef jerky I took the tiniest bite. I wasn't sure about this meat product that I had never seen before. Well, I loved it!

If you're nervous about trying out React because it seems overwhelming or hard to install, well I have just the thing for you.


At last week's Ruby Roundtable, Mitch VanDuyn lead a live / interactive development session where we used React.rb to build a Todo App. It was great to see how easy it can be to add React to a Rails app and use pure Ruby in your view!

To follow along, check out the tutorial on GitHub:

So go ahead and take a bite!

Melissa Wahnish

Melissa is the Founder of RubyThursday and co-organizer of the Ruby Roundtable meetup. Signup for her weekly updates here.

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