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“I've Learned Ruby on Rails... ...Now What?”

Congratulations! You’ve just finished cramming a bunch of great programming knowledge into your noggin, either through an online course or an in-person bootcamp. You’re incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished and are ready to jump into applying for jobs and interviews.

That's when everything starts to suck. After a few failed interviews, you feel frustrated and rejected. A friend finally pulls you aside and says “Sorry, most startups and employers won’t hire junior devs without experience.” Stunned and maybe a little drunk, you turn back to your friend and say:

“How am I supposed to gain experience when no one will even give me a chance?”

It’s a Catch-22! Ugh, and you’ve already had to overcome so many challenges. You know that you’re ready for your first paid developer job, but how can you prove it? How do you make sure your investment in yourself pays off without having to worry about forgetting everything you've already learned?

What the heck are you supposed to do? Everyone says work on projects “because a strong portfolio is the best way to get a job”. Well duh, but what should you create? How do you stay motivated? These are really good questions, but ask yourself this:

What if there was a better way?

What if you could build a portfolio in a fun and engaging way? What if you had access to a set of fresh Ruby on Rails projects and tutorials that helped you consistently code on a regular basis?

What if the entire program was laser-focused, moving you towards creating beautiful, working apps? What if you could surround yourself with a community that inspired and helped you when you needed it?

That sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?

Imagine if you had access to all of that. You'd learn tons of new stuff, have a great time coding new projects and complete more apps than you’d ever be able to do if you were all on your own.

Best of all, you’d have the tools you need to present yourself in the best possible light to any future employer. So let me ask you, where can you get all of this badassery?

Well, RubyThursday of course! :)

( Insert fireworks, a unicorn and maybe some glitter here :)

What’s RubyThursday? It’s a free weekly (on Thursdays, get it? :) online show that gives you bite sized tutorials, tips and tricks and reviews for the latest tools, gems and sites to help you grow as a Rails developer.

Ah, Now I See How AWESOME This Is! 

In addition, each premium season of RubyThursday focuses on taking you through building a fully developed Ruby on Rails app – perfect for your portfolio.

Each episode breaks down the app into digestible pieces so you progress all on your own time. All premium tutorials are available for download, and include the complete front-end HTML/CSS/JS files for you to integrate and modify!

RubyThursday is the Ruby on Rails educational tool I wish I had...

Hi there, I’m Melissa. I’m a professional comedic actress turned hacker. Yup, you read that right.

A few years ago I attended a 3-month back-end web development course to learn Rails. Once the class ended, many of us students found it difficult to keep up the educational pace on our own.

I set up a small weekly meetup so that together we could continue our growth as beginner Ruby on Rails developers, but it was just too hard for some to stay motivated. Life just seemed to get in the way and after a few weeks the group dispersed. I went on to apply to a number of startups, running into the same “experience" problem you’re now facing.

Flash forward to today. I’m now the co-founder of my own lovely startup, and I help other emerging founders build their Rails MVP’s. 

Feel more engaged, keep building, and learn something new every week.

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