Ruby Roundtable: Writing a Command Line Utility in Ruby



This meetup took place on June 13, 2018 in NYC.

Keith Bennett presented on Writing a Command Line Utility in Ruby - Automation is Not Just For Your Users.

Talk description:
How many times have we dutifully repeated the same mouse and keyboard actions, missing the irony that we spend our lives automating things for others, but so often neglect to do so for ourselves?

This talk will walk you through the design and implementation of a wifi command line utility for the Mac – one that you could use as a model for automating your own manual process, including:

--the multitude of cost/benefit decisions, including many compromises for speedier completion.
--command suite (e.g. git) vs. option based (e.g. grep) design
--how to address a target audience that includes non-Rubyists
--class design, including separating back end functionality from command line & user input plumbing, and multi-OS support
--providing an interactive shell in your utility

After this presentation you will be able to make a better informed decision about the optimal balance of effort and functionality, and be better equipped to write an excellent implementation.

Melissa Wahnish

Melissa is the Founder of RubyThursday and co-organizer of the Ruby Roundtable meetup. Signup for her weekly updates here.

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